10 Phrases That Can Spoil Your Relationship With Your Boss

The most common reason for a divorce is usually “our personalities didn’t match,” while the most common reason for being dismissed from a job is “I wanted it to happen.” But in both cases, a bunch of problems and mistakes are hidden behind those words. And though there have been many articles and a lot of research revealing mistakes in romantic relationships, the ’employee-employer’ relationship has still yet to be investigated thoroughly.

We have done a little research and found 10 mistakes that employees often make when communicating with their bosses. We truly hope that you won’t recognize yourself in any of these paragraphs. And if you do…then let’s hope that this article will change your situation for the better.

“I need an increase in my salary because I need to fix my house.”

10 Phrases That Can Spoil Your Relationship With Your Boss

You can and should speak about getting a raise if this request is supported by real professional achievements. Your personal issues and needs shouldn’t be related to the working process. And no matter how rude this might sound, your boss doesn’t care about them at all. It’s permissible to ask for help in a really difficult situation. But in other cases, prove that you deserve more instead of trying to make your boss feel pity for you.

A better way to say it: “I have tripled productivity in the past 6 months, so I am asking you to increase my salary.”

“Can I leave after lunch today? There is nothing to do in the office anyway.”

10 Phrases That Can Spoil Your Relationship With Your Boss

If your work involves a daily plan that means you’re free to go after accomplishing it, then you can easily use this phrase after finishing your daily tasks. In all other situations, it will only harm you. On one hand, you’ll show yourself as being not interested in work, on the other hand, you’ll get a dozen new tasks instead of being able to leave.

A better way to say it: “Can I leave today after lunch?” This phrase is usually followed by the reason for this leave, but it’s actually not necessary to say it. Remember not to refer to boredom or lack of things to do.

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