10 Phrases That Can Spoil Your Relationship With Your Boss

“We’ve always done it like this.”

10 Phrases That Can Spoil Your Relationship With Your Boss

It doesn’t matter whether you are speaking about the decisions of your former boss or your own habits. This phrase has many different modifications that sound similar to “my ex- did it better” or “my mom cooks better.” No one likes these comparisons because usually it’s laziness and unwillingness to change that stand behind this phrase. The modern world is developing rapidly, and people with flexible thinking are becoming more valuable than hardy conservatives.

A better way to say it: “What you are suggesting is unusual. It may cause certain difficulties.”

“I’ll try.”

10 Phrases That Can Spoil Your Relationship With Your Boss

This phrase usually means you’re not going to accomplish the task you were asked to do. And if something goes wrong, this phrase helps you to avoid responsibility. Whenever you say “I’ll try,” your boss hears “I’m not going to do it.” The only phrase worse than this one is “I can’t do it.” It’s important to show real results at work. That’s why it’s better to discuss probable difficulties beforehand and at the end, be honest about when and where things went wrong.

A better way to say it: “OK, I’ll do it” or “It always takes them a while to answer, that’s why we’ll likely have to wait until Friday for their decision.”

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