11 Training Mistakes That Keep You From Showing Your Abs to the World

You need to have 10% or less body fat in order to be able to show your 6-pack to the world. We all want abs, but with our excitement to get them we sometimes make mistakes that slow us down on the path to our perfect body. In order to achieve our gym goals, we need to do our exercises in the correct way. And the best way to do this, is knowing what not to do!

Here are 11 of these mistakes to help you figure out what NOT to do when you hit the gym.

1. Sitting all the way up

When you are doing your basic sit-ups, try not to go all the way up. This can cause stress on your back and force you to take time off from your important ab routine. Instead you should do crunches and lift yourself halfway up for perfectly toned abs!

2. Training every single day

When you give your muscles time to rest between workouts, you allow yourself to train more effectively and get the best results. At the same time, it helps your body to gain strength. Basically, it means that you should focus on different muscle group on different days.

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