12 Unexpected Natural Remedies Made With Onions For Common Illnesses And How To Make Them

We all know onions are fantastic for salads or frying up as a side dish, but in fact, that’s the very least they’re good for! All this time we have been using onions wrong! In this article, you will learn the benefits of using onions for natural remedies. Did you know that onions are high in antiseptic and antibiotic agents due to their high sulfur content?


A Cough

When you are suffering from a bad cough, and the tickle in the back of your throat just won’t go away you need this quick relief! Simply slice an onion in half and add a tablespoon of brown sugar over them, then cover them both for an hour in a cool place if possible. Chew on the onions twice a day.

The sulfur in the onion works as a detox and releases toxins into the body. Thus, its anti-inflammatory contents minimize pain when coughing.

Stop Hair Loss

Start with slicing up the onion into small pieces and then add them to a bowl of boiling water. Continue to wash the onions in the water, then leave it to rest for around 10 minutes. When showering, use the new mixture before applying shampoo. This stage is commonly referred to as the pre-shampoo rinse.

The onions’ antimicrobial contents will stop dandruff and speed up the growth of new hair. After a few weeks of carrying out the procedure, you will start to notice stronger and fuller hair.

Reduce Chest Congestion

Smash up the onion into tiny pieces and add coconut oil to create a paste. Cover your entire chest with the paste then lay a dish towel on top.  The vapors that the onions give off in the skin act as a natural antibiotic and improve the immune system, this will soften the mucous which is commonly the root of the problem.

To Calm A Colic Baby

Babies even more than the rest of us need to be soothed and calmed often. An amazing remedy for this with onions is to make them a nice cup of onion tea, and feed them a teaspoon of it every hour until they calm. To make the tea, simply chop up half an onion into circular pieces, pop them in a cup and add hot water. Let it brew for a good 5-10 minutes or until cool before feeding the baby.

The onion will relax muscles and regulate digestion.

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