12 Unexpected Natural Remedies Made With Onions For Common Illnesses And How To Make Them

Erase Irritation From An Insect Bite

This is the easiest of them all, simply place a slice of onion on an insect bite to sooth it. The anti-inflammatory properties of the onion will minimize inflammation and itching. You can also rub onion juice/oil over the bite to have the same result.

Ear Infections

This is similar to the insect bite, but this time place the chopped up onion into a thin sock and hold it close to your ear, some people prefer to hold it in place with a hat so they don’t have to hold it. Whichever way you do, keep it in place until the pain passes.

Cuts & Wounds

This requires the thin film from onion skin. Carefully remove it without it tearing and place it on top of your wound or cut. The antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties will help to heal the wound or cut and thus will prevent it from becoming infected.

Reduce Pain From A Sore Throat

Make yourself a delicious cup of onion tea but this time with just the onion skin, not the actual onion itself. Again, let it brew and cool before ingesting it (you don’t want to cause more pain!) Continue to take a gulp of your onion tea and gargle it. If the taste is really bad, add some lemon and honey. Doing this will help reduce pain an inflammation.

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