12 Unexpected Things Science Has Got to Say About Love

They say that feelings and emotions originate from the heart. But the real source is actually our head. That is why strict rules, mathematical equations, and pure chemistry are involved.

We put together a dozen rules which our human brain follows when it comes to love.

12. A fresh, healthy complexion and healthy habits are a sign of good genes, according to the brain.

12 Unexpected Things Science Has Got to Say About Love

Our minds like those who look healthy and lead a genuine lifestyle and those who are ready to eat healthily, move actively, and look fresh even with minor makeup interference. All of this is perceived as good genes.

11. With a smile, the brain can identify whether closer contact can be arranged or if there’s hidden aggression.

12 Unexpected Things Science Has Got to Say About Love

The smile is a specific kind of a grin which appeared on the faces of the first human beings when something invaded their privacy. Our brain can distinguish a sincere smile caused by sympathy by recognizing the motions of the facial muscles. And that’s how it can identify whether a person hides aggression or is open to communicating.

10. Our brain likes people who look like our relatives. On one condition…

12 Unexpected Things Science Has Got to Say About Love

Women more often choose partners who look like their fathers or brothers. Men prefer women who look like their mothers and sisters. Our brain tries to find a “twin” with whom the probability of strong genes will be the highest. However, it only works if the men or women had warm relationships with their relatives.

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