12 Unexpected Things Science Has Got to Say About Love

9. A bit of fat is beautiful.

12 Unexpected Things Science Has Got to Say About Love

The brain perceives a certain amount of fat as a sign that the body lives in comfort. Moreover, the brain knows that if the female body loses fat it means the probability of conception is lower, and the woman will get stressed because of a hormonal disbalance. The main thing here is to find a healthy balance.

8. Symmetry and certain proportions are also beautiful.

12 Unexpected Things Science Has Got to Say About Love

Body symmetry is a sign of health. The brain likes rough and prominent features in men and smoothened and plump features with women. When assessing somebody else’s body, the brain visually determines the correlation between the waist and the hips. At the same time, the width of the shoulders and the size of the breasts do not matter.

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