13 Beginner Skier Mistakes You Should Avoid

13 Beginner Skier Mistakes You Should Avoid

5. Leaning Backwards

Skiing and snowboarding can be scary. And when you start to pick up speed, it is almost intuitive to lean backwards so that when the inevitable fall happens, you’re already that much closer to the ground. But skis and snowboards are controlled by the metal edges biting into the snow. And when you take your weight off of the edges by leaning backwards, maintaining control of the skis or board becomes extremely difficult. Make sure you’re leaning downhill, knees bent slightly and torso relatively straight. The necessary confidence will come with time.

6. Getting Hit by the Chair Lift

Getting on a lift for the first time can be more intimidating than actually skiing. You have to waddle your way to where the lift scoops you up, the chair doesn’t stop for you and there is a line of people watching your every move. But really it’s as simple as this: sit down. Slowly walk or skate up to the line that tells you where to stop, look behind you so you’re aware of when the chair is coming and gently sit. If you’re not comfortable with this, you may need to spend a bit more time with the kids on the magic carpet.

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7. Or Falling Off the Lift

As the lift approaches the unload point, there is usually a sign that tells you exactly when to lift up the restraint bar. Pay attention. When you get off, confidently plant your skis or board flat on the ground, center your weight and ride straight ahead. If you do happen to fall, make sure to get out of the way as quickly as possible, because there is another chair full of people coming right behind you, and they’re not stopping, either.

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