These 15 Hidden Rooms In Airports People NEED To Know About

Traveling can be very stressful and having to navigate through an airport can only make it worst. You have to make sure you are there for enough time to check in and to make it through the airport maze to your gate before your flight finishes boarding. Going through security can be a hassle and then having to find your gate and wait for boarding to start. Not to mention if you have a long layover, waiting for your plane to board can feel like forever. If you are one of those unlucky travelers who has to spend the night at the airport it can feel like you are living a nightmare.

Airports are meant to be a gateway to your journey and are meant to be the first impression of the adventure you are about to take. A bad experience at the airport should not determine the rest of your adventure. They should not be the reason why you avoid flying.

Even though you familiarize yourself with an airport, you still wish an airport had certain places that would make your travels easier. Most airports do have these rooms you wish they had, however most travellers are not aware of all the amenities that an airport offers. From hidden yoga rooms to unknown observation towers, here are 15 hidden rooms you didn’t know airports had.


In Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, there is a mirrored Zen-like public space that includes an area to place personal items and garments and exercise mats. This room is always empty as it is not well known and rarely used. If you’re looking for a place to relax and stretch before a flight, this yoga room is the perfect space. The room features a monitor mounted on the wall that displays yoga exercise techniques, and another monitor that displays all the flight information to ensure you do not miss your flight. The yoga space is open daily and is located on the Mezzanine Level of terminal three.


After a crazy trip to Sin City, the only thing on a traveler’s mind is to get some sleep. Many travelers find themselves tired while waiting for their flight home. Why wait until you get home for some shut eye when McCarran Airport offers bedrooms for rent? The rooms are managed by ZEROlevel Fitness and Wellness and only cost $5 per hour or $60 for 10 hours. This fee also grants you access to all the amenities of ZEROlevel Fitness, such as their gym and showers. They also offer, by appointment, massage therapy, personal training, group fitness classes and pain relief therapy. It’s the perfect place to help you get back to reality after an unforgettable trip.

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