These 15 Hidden Rooms In Airports People NEED To Know About


Shannon Airport realizes that for many people, traveling through an airport can be stressful or be an unfamiliar environment. To make this journey more enjoyable, the airport has a Sensory Room. The room is located in the Departure Lounge to the left of the Zest Catering outlet. This room allows the traveler to be in a calming environment that can be more familiar and make their travels a little easier. It is primarily used for individuals with autism and special needs.  Along with this room, Shannon Airport introduced an assistance program to help families or individuals travel throughout the airport with ease.


Many individuals enjoy bringing their dog companion with them as they travel. Just like humans, pets also need a place to prepare themselves before or after a flight. At the Atlanta Airport, there is a fully fenced outdoor dog park. The dog park can be accessed near the ground transportation by the south terminal baggage claim. The park provides poo bags, benches that provide a quaint resting area and a place for your luggage while your dog has the chance to potty. This dog park is not only for those traveling with dogs, it can also be for those travelers with long layovers who are looking for some fresh air and a canine companion to play with.

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