15 Most Mysterious And Mind Blowing Ancient Texts Ever Discovered

Take a look at the ancient texts that have baffled the world’s greatest minds, confused all the best archaeologists, left linguists scratching their heads and sparked debates among antiquities specialists the world over. Lurking somewhere within these indecipherable letters and symbols, somewhere hidden in all those strange markings, within these pages, there are clues about where these texts came from, who wrote them — and why. Will you see their secrets, or will these ancient texts remain ancient mysteries that we can’t possibly solve?


The Copper Scroll is one of the most enduring mysteries in human history. It was found in a cave near the Dead Sea, and it’s a bona fide treasure map. The Copper Scroll describes riches untold, and yet no one has found the treasure — that we know of. Discovered in 1947, the Copper Scroll was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls and dates to around the year 100. The scroll tells of 64 hiding places containing treasure that includes gold and silver bars and silver vessels. The treasure has never been found in the modern era, though it’s possible that if it ever existed it was discovered long ago. Numerous treasure hunters have searched, and none have ever found the treasure described in the Copper Scroll — at least, not publicly.


The Rohonc Codex was discovered in Hungary in the early 1800s. It’s a detailed manuscript filled with illustrations and an indecipherable text. There are still no definite answers about what the book is, what it means or even if it’s authentic. Some have decried the Rohonc Codex as a hoax. Many scholars and even amateur linguists have studied the Codex, but none have reached any conclusive translation of the text. There are several different hypotheses about the Rohonc Codex. The paper it’s written on dates to the 1530s, but the text may have been transcribed from a previous source. There are 87 illustrations in the book that contain the symbolism from pagan, Christian and Muslim religions.

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