15 Most Mysterious And Mind Blowing Ancient Texts Ever Discovered


The Vinca Symbols are perhaps the most mysterious text in human history. This text is believed to represent the earliest known proto-language. The symbols were found in Hungary in 1875, and are believed to date to 4,000 BC. The Vinca Symbols are named for the Vinca culture that inhabited the region. They were the most advanced Neolithic society in the world, older than the cultures of both Mesopotamia and Egypt. It’s still not known what happened to them, but they vanished from history 6,000 years ago and left very little behind. One of the few things that remain are their symbols, which are still indecipherable and totally mysterious.


For 1,000 years, the Indus civilization thrived and created their own culture. Then, they disappeared for 4,000 years. This mysterious society was discovered in the 1920s, and archeologists are still trying to put the pieces of history together. The Indus left behind a system of writing on small stones and clay tablets. Linguists and scholars of all types have been trying to crack the language for nearly a century. So far, there is no translation for the text. Scholars still haven’t reached a consensus on where the language comes from and how it relates to other languages used at the time.

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