20 Recommended Indie Dev Tips for Awesome Game Design

Want to learn the secret to awesome game design?

I’ve put together a list of 20 essential indie dev tips for game design and development success. Whether you’re just starting or have a couple of games under your belt, these must-know tips can help you design better games and feel more confident as a developer.

So, let’s dive right in!

Tip #1 – Start Small & Gain Experience

The expert at anything was once a beginner. The same goes for game design. If you want to make incredible games, you have to gain experience. And the best way to learn is by doing. If you haven’t been making games for years, your game design skills won’t be on par with other devs, at least not yet. So, don’t try to create a masterpiece on your first attempt. Completing your first game ever and releasing it into the App Store should be your main goal.

Choose a simple, minimalist art style and create a hyper-casual game. Then you can work your way up to animated characters and more complex gameplay. Start small to gain experience to help you master the art of game design.

Remember, it takes time to learn how to use new tools, engines, and make art. So, if you take on a big project before you’re ready, you’ll end up overwhelmed and ultimately quitting. Avoid this common pitfall by focusing more on the experience than the outcome.

The more games you make, the better you’ll get. David Reichelt made over 40 games before he designed his mobile hit, Color Switch, pictured below:

Color Switch - Awesome Game Design Example

Color Switch: A good example of awesome game design.

So, be okay with your first game being ‘not-so-great.’ It’s alright. You’re new to making games. Just try to improve and make each game you create better than the last. It’s the secret to mastering anything, including game design. Save your BIG game ideas for later, after you’ve acquired the necessary skills to do it justice.

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