20 Stunning Nintendo Concept Designs Better Than What We Got

Developing video game systems, accessories, or even the games themselves can go from peaceful to chaotic at a moment’s notice and, due to the obscured nature of the gaming industry, we rarely get a chance to fully understand what’s going on behind the scenes.

That said, we occasionally get a peak at the behind-the-scenes antics thanks to teaser footage or foolishly boisterous announcements that end up being far more premature than intended.

Nintendo is guilty of all of the above, and we’ve gotten decent looks at beta content, in-development builds, prototype hardware, and so much more… but the most intriguing part is how many times an earlier build of something, be it software or hardware, is so much cooler than the final product.

It’s those instances in particular that we’ll be tackling with our list of 20 Nintendo Concept Designs Better Than What We Got, so let’s get started!


SNES CD Nintendo PlayStation.jpg
Via TheVerge.com

Back in the day, Sony and Nintendo were not the bitter rivals that they were during the height of the console wars. They were allies, in fact, and were working together to create a brand new console.

The “Super NES CD-ROM,” otherwise known colloquially as the “Nintendo PlayStation,” was exactly what it sounds like: a SNES with a disc drive, co-developed by Nintendo and Sony.

Such a combination would have been a ground breaker, but we would never want to risk losing the limit-shattering games developed by both companies competing against each other.


Gamecube Motion Controls Prototype

The Wii may have brought motion controls into the mainstream, but the GameCube was poised to do it years before… well, kind of.

During the Wii’s development, these original “Wiimote” prototypes were made to interface with the GameCube so that it could be used as part of a devkit for those looking to develop games for the upcoming system.

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