20 Stunning Nintendo Concept Designs Better Than What We Got


Pokemon Charizard Changed Designs Side By Side

The original Pokémon games drew players into their cute (but very cool) world of catching and battling unique monsters.

That said, original design documents paint a far darker and vastly crueler picture of the Pokémon world.

Some show the player character wielding a whip, others shows the far more monstrous creature designs, and the series’ original writer had an upsettingly bleak take on world and its stories… and it was awesome.


Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece, and its story is a wonderfully intriguing, meta take on the franchise and its relationship with tradition.

That’s cool and all, but, like… we could have had a game about aliens invading Hyrule, while some future, steampunk Link stood in defiance of their brazen assault.

These unused scenarios are found in concept art for BOTW and they honestly seem pretty awesome… but we’re still happy we got the intimate tale that we did.

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