22 Gadgets That Make Traveling Hassle-Free (And Much More Fun)


The more we hear about this, the more we realize it can be used even when you’re not traveling. But when you are, it comes in super handy. The Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker can pair up with items as large as your luggage and other smaller items that you’re bound to be extra careful to keep up with while you’re out of town. Some of the objects include a wallet, keys, passport and even your phone. You just pair the device with your smartphone and boom.


This is perfect for professional and rookie campers alike. You can set up shop anywhere between two trees, although the seemingly most ideal location is on a campsite. The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock has already been ranked the best of its kind thanks to American Survival Guide and other camp and travel trade publications. It’s waterproof, so no worries about rain damaging the fabric. It’s also durable as its wrapped in ripstop nylon. Yet, it’s still comfortable as net canopy is also a key material. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth as the hammock can also work as a tent.


A portable charger will without a doubt save the day when your phone runs out of battery. It’s clearly able to go anywhere you do (hence the word portable in the title). The Flux Portable Charger is the same size as the standard iPhone and has the ability to charge a smartphone more than three times. It comes with built-in Lightning and micro-USB plug-ins so you don’t have to lug around a bunch of other cords just to use it. This is certainly a gadget that can make sure your trip goes smoothly.

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