24 Celebs Who Should Be Banned From Driving

There are good drivers and bad drivers—and then there are these celebrity drivers. They are the crème de la crème of the worst, the kind that should never even have been issued a driver’s license in the first place. High on their own celebrity status, as well as on all the other vices that life has to offer, these are the people who assume that the world is their oyster. And that’s exactly why they drive like they own the roads. Rules are not for them and in their own thoughts, probably exist only to be broken—and they are none too happy when the cops land up on their doorsteps.

Belligerent till the end, these celebs don’t even see the fault in their driving and assume that they know better. It’s only when the court dates dawn and the press hounds their footsteps that they put on a sorry face, but many on this list are also unapologetic, repeat reprobates. They drive without fear, regret, or thought and often end up damaging their cars—to say in the least. Some of them, bless their hearts, do turn over a new leaf at times, but for most of these celebrity drivers, their cars and their driving skills are their business. These 24 celebs should never have gotten a driver’s license and should never get behind the wheel of a vehicle again.


Every footballing kid in the world knows who Rooney is. He’s an accomplished footballer and a former captain who wears many feathers in his hat. According to BBC, this number 10-wearing footballer is the record goalscorer for his national team and Manchester United. His bank balance lets him have a penchant for collecting exquisite cars. However, in 2017, cops didn’t appreciate his merry driving and fined him for doing so. And the punishment was 100 hours of unpaid work and two years of disqualification from playing ball. Hope he drives better now.


She is dubbed as the pioneer of reality television and is an acclaimed celebrity entrepreneur in the glamour world. However, when it comes to driving, she’s a squib. She may have the best of cars in her garage, but driving is not the thing she is best at. Multiple episodes of rash and negligent driving made the authorities revoke her driver’s license. But she managed to get caught driving rashly again and this time, minus a license. She served 23 days and hopefully learned her lesson and will never get behind the wheel of a car again.


He has everything a man would possibly want: good looks, a successful career, and all the fame in the world. Being an outstanding player with an illustrious football career plus that smoldering face and hair have made him a media darling. However, he’s ridiculously bad at driving. He once totaled his Ferrari, which was later pictured lying mangled in a tunnel on the A538 near Wilmslow, Cheshire. His smashing red Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano was just two-days-old before it met its fate. He’s great on the field but off the field, driving is certainly not his cup of tea.

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  1. this people should be burnished for driving of not less than 3yrs,, ,, because if it’s about fining them they have much to offer on cash

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