6 Conditions We Often Mistake for Other Diseases

Sometimes we try to be a doctor for ourselves and confuse one disease for another. But in reality, 20% of serious medical conditions are misdiagnosed. Our health should not be taken lightly — it’s one of the most important things in life, so let’s explore some of the diseases that can get overlooked or mistaken for something else.

We wish everyone good health and have prepared a common list of conditions that can be misdiagnosed.

1. Heart attack vs panic attack

6 Conditions We Often Mistake for Other Diseases

Sometimes it’s very difficult to distinguish a heart attack from a panic attack because, at first glance, their symptoms have a lot in common. A sharp stabbing pain often indicates a heart attack. In many cases, this pain is present only in the left arm.

Here are some of the differences between a heart attack and a panic attack:

  • People experiencing a heart attack suffer from rapid breathing and they don’t panic. But they can feel very scared. Before that, they might feel a headache and be shaking. In cases of panic attacks, a person has a feeling of loss of control over their nerves and over their mind.
  • If you have panic attacks, your body is tense, so you very well may suffer from muscle pain.

2. Meningitis vs the common cold

6 Conditions We Often Mistake for Other Diseases

Meningitis is the inflammation of the soft membranes around the brain and spinal cord. It is very dangerous and can cause brain damage. That’s why it’s very important to get an early, correct diagnosis. Common symptoms such as a fever, cold hands, muscle pain, headaches, and tiredness can mislead you.

This disease is often confused with the common cold because the symptoms are so similar. Watch out for:

  • a stiff neck
  • convulsions
  • spots and rashes on the skin
  • sensitivity to bright light
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