7 Psychological Effects That Influence Millions of People

The human brain can act really weird sometimes! It makes us behave irrationally, believe in total nonsense, and can even change our memories. However, every decision we make is made for a reason. So what exactly is it that determines the choices you make?

We have gathered seven psychological effects that determine your behavior along with several pieces of advice on how to deal with them.

1. Strangers can influence a person’s behavior.

7 Psychological Effects That Influence Millions of People

It’s all about the Zajonc theory (social facilitation). You can walk around in an old torn t-shirt at home but act like a lady in public. However, a person’s behavior depends not only on his company but also on the number of unintentional witnesses he or she is surrounded by at a certain moment. For example, a man is likely to give up his seat on a public bus to impress a lady.

  • How to avoid getting caught up? From time to time, ask yourself, “Why am I doing this? Is it to impress someone and make them like me, or because I want it?”

2. Due to a person’s interest in an experiment, they might behave differently.

7 Psychological Effects That Influence Millions of People

The Hawthorne effect applies here. A new environment has a way of peaking our interest in an experiment or event, making us behave differently, act more diligent and loyal, and give a false positive result. For example, in a supermarket, let’s say you’re offered to taste a fish paste with a new flavor and fill out a questionnaire. You may give it a high mark at the store but at home, you realize there’s nothing special about it.

  • How to avoid getting caught up? Try to think clearly and critically. Responding to a survey or experiment doesn’t oblige you to give the highest mark only because you were chosen to participate as an expert.
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