7 Psychological Effects That Influence Millions of People

3. People remember unfinished tasks better than finished ones.

7 Psychological Effects That Influence Millions of People

The Zeigarnik effect applies here. A person is more likely to remember things or actions that have yet to be completed. For example, a waiter remembers about your order until they bring it to you and after that, they shift their attention to other guests. It’s similar to making a sale to a woman who’s already chosen a wedding dress somewhere else — she’s not going to remember the dresses you showed her.

  • How to avoid getting caught up? It’s better to finish everything you do to avoid it getting stuck in your memories. At least finish it in your head. It’ll help you keep your feet on the ground and stop asking “What if…”

4. People buy expensive things on purpose.

7 Psychological Effects That Influence Millions of People

It’s the Veblen effect — an economically unjustified demand for expensive products. This effect is often observed among young people who care about keeping up their social status. Discount products or goods that are on sale are thought of as defective.

  • How to avoid getting caught up? Consider yourself caught up in this effect if you seek out the newest Gucci bag or a trip to Europe just to make another great Instagram post. When buying another expensive thing, ask yourself, “Are you paying for high quality or social prestige?”
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