7 Psychological Effects That Influence Millions of People

5. People tend to like those who make mistakes.

7 Psychological Effects That Influence Millions of People

This is an example of the pratfall effect. People who make mistakes and look funny tend to be more appealing to us. Perfection keeps us at a distance and can even be irritating.

  • How to avoid getting caught up? Don’t be afraid to look clumsy or act silly — these things actually make you more attractive! Plus, it’s much easier to meet people when we’re our authentic selves rather than when we act like queens and kings.

6. People overestimate the amount of attention they get.

7 Psychological Effects That Influence Millions of People

The spotlight effect is having the feeling that you’re being looked at and that people are noticing all of your mistakes. If a woman forgot to apply mascara on one eye, she’ll be sure that everyone around her will notice it and laugh at her. A team of psychologists from Cornell University asked a group of people to wear a t-shirt with a silly print on it and count the number of people who noticed it. They falsely counted twice as many people than the actual number of people who noticed the print.

  • How to avoid getting caught up? People notice our mistakes much less than we think. If you have a spot on your shirt, don’t dwell too much on it. Just think about how often you ever notice other people’s mistakes…it doesn’t happen much
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