8 Areas of Your Dog That Are Crucial to Massage (Your Dog Will Thank You)

We all know that massage can reduce fatigue after a long working day, relieve pain, or even improve our health. But if you think that massage is a pleasure for humans only, you’ll be surprised to know that it can work wonders for your dog too. A good massage can calm your dog’s nervous system, warm up their muscles before an active game or walk, and even relieve strained muscles and sore joints.

We want to tell you which parts of your dog’s body you need to massage to keep them fit, healthy, and calm.

8 Areas of Your Dog That Are Crucial to Massage (Your Dog Will Thank You)

1. Head

8 Areas of Your Dog That Are Crucial to Massage (Your Dog Will Thank You)

A dog’s head contains muscles, organs, and numerous blood vessels which will all benefit from the increased blood flow provided by a good massage. The muscles located in the dog’s head suffer from tension and spasms just like all the other muscles in the body, so a head massage will also help to relieve stress and muscle stiffness. Follow these simple steps to give a good head massage to your dog. It should only take you 10-15 minutes. Be gentle and don’t apply too much pressure to the sensitive areas of the head, otherwise your dog can become nervous.

2. Ears

Gently pull ear flaps and massage them to improve the blood circulation. Rotate ear flaps to open the ear canal and increase the air circulation. Finish the massage by gliding your fingers down the ear flaps. Be careful and avoid applying too much pressure on the dog’s ears.

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