8 Areas of Your Dog That Are Crucial to Massage (Your Dog Will Thank You)

3. Neck

If you notice that instead of turning its head to look at things your dog turns the entire body, it may mean that your pet has a stiff and sore neck. Dogs can strain or injure their necks easily, so it’s better to visit a vet to exclude any serious injuries. If it’s not injured, try this massage technique to relax the dog’s neck and relieve any pain or stiffness. If its neck causes your dog some discomfort, you will probably need to use petting and treats during the massage to keep your dog calm.

4. Back

There are different techniques of a spinal dog massage that serve different needs. Flat hand massage, for example, will help to relax your dog and stretch the skin and muscles, while back-and-forth rolling motions will improve the blood circulation and unlock contracted muscles. Follow these steps to choose the best back massage technique for your dog. Take into account that if your dog’s back aches badly and you press it hard, the pet might leave or even bite you, so be gentle.

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