9 Healthy Foods That Can Destroy Your Body

3. Chicken

9 Foods That Can Destroy Your Body

One drop of juice from raw chicken meat has enough Campylobacter bacteria to infect a person. This bacteria causes fever and gastrointestinal issues. The bacteria spreads really fast when we wash the meat because it ends up on our hands, apron, counters, etc. To be safe, you should minimize your contact with raw chicken and wash the cutting board and knives far from the rest of your dishes (we even suggest washing them in boiling water).

4. Tuna

9 Foods That Can Destroy Your Body

When fish is defrosted and stored in the wrong way, a toxic protein called scombrotoxin is formed. It can cause a type of food poisoning that leads to a skin rash, vomiting, stomach aches, diarrhea, a high heart rate, and even loss of vision.

The solution: you should defrost tuna without letting it contact the air. Take it from the freezer and put it on the lowest shelf in the fridge without opening the pack. A fish that weighs 4 pounds will take about 24 hours to defrost.

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