9 Reasons Why You Have To Lift Your Arms Overhead More Often According Science

There are plenty of training plans and programs out there. Some promise that we’ll become skinny by doing almost nothing, while others seem more like army preparation. But what should we do when we just want to feel a little bit better after a tough day? Apparently, we need to raise our hands!

We have found 9 reasons why this easy exercise can improve our health.

1. Opening tight shoulders

Doctors Recommend Lifting Your Arms Overhead More Often, and Here Are 9 Reasons Why

This is for those of us who spend a lot of time hunched over the table looking at a computer. When we sit this way for a long time, our muscles get misused and as a result, we’re left with limited motion and stiffness.

First of all — straighten out. Second of all — stretch. Make fists, lift your hands from the hips overhead, put them together, inhale, put the arms down, and repeat. It will help you to release the tension in your shoulders and neck.

2. Improving poor posture and opening the chest

Most health problems come about due to bad habits, and guess what? Slouching is one of them! We think this is the most comfortable way to sit, but it’s very bad for us. We could all use to correct our posture. Lifting the arms overhead is a good start.

Just lift your arms and make them as perpendicular to the ground as you can. Repeat it every 20 minutes and try to leave your spine in the same position as you put your arms down. You’ll be sitting more healthily in no time!

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