9 times Science Fiction Predicted the Future of the Smart Home You Need To Know

The best science fiction has an uncanny knack for eerily foreshadowing future technological developments, whether it’s in the field of transport, communication, or anything in between. Many times throughout history, outlandish concepts that once seemed wildly fanciful have become everyday occurrences, common sights in the average home.

Frequently, these visions of the future have centred around the home. Just what technologies will the people of tomorrow depend upon in their domestic lives? How will they cook, clean and relax in the comfort of their own homes?

In this infographic, we explore nine technologies that are today scientific realities yet trace their origins back to influential works of fiction and the minds of sci-fi visionaries. For example, did you know that George Orwell conceived of computerised voice recognition as early as 1948? Or that cult TV show Star Trek might just have kicked off the modern obsession with wearable technology?

Read on to learn about these and other bold predictions that came to be.

1. The Connected Home

Fiction: In his book The Machine Stops (1904), EM Forster described a world where people mostly communicate with each other via screens. Knowledge and information is shared by a system linking every home.

Reality: In the 1980s, Tim Berners-Lee’s research at CERN resulted in the World Wide Web, making information accessible between devices on the network. By 2016 there were approximately 22.9 billion connected devices worldwide.


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