How to Spot a Fake Rolex: The Ultimate Guide

Rolex is the most well-known luxury brand in the world. It has established an enormously powerful brand that people from all age groups know as one of the most luxurious watch brands in the world.

Known for its precision timepieces, and for being a reliable piece of jewelry which keeps ticking generation after generation, Rolex has become the ultimate symbol of success and luxury.

Unfortunately, though, Rolex’s immense popularity has also made it the most replicated watch brand in the world. 

Some of the many Rolex watches you may see on the street or on someone’s wrist may very well be fake, but most importantly, is that you are careful when buying Rolex watches.

Rolex Submariner 116613LN

However, if you still decide to buy a Rolex watch from less reputable sellers, you need to know the tells of a fake Rolex watch so you can avoid losing your money.

Spotting a fake Rolex ultimately depends on knowing what to look for. The more Rolex watches you hold and see, the better you will become at noticing things that are not the way they should. 

While many of the counterfeiters have improved their manufacturing processes in order to make their watches as close to the real deal as possible, there is still nothing like an authentic Rolex.

When you look at a Rolex watch, you want to have as a starting point that Rolex has no imperfections. Rolex watches are made to absolute perfection with no mistakes or imperfections. Sure, small imperfections can happen some authentic Rolex watches to a small extent, but not in the same way as counterfeit watches.

Counterfeiters, on the other hand, are not able to achieve, the same perfection as Rolex, and compromise on quality and materials. This is where you can tell the real from the fakes. Have in mind that Rolex has perfected its manufacturing process for more than 100 years, and invested hundreds and hundreds of millions in development and research. Counterfeiters, however, can never come anywhere near that. After all, that’s what makes the counterfeit watches so cheap.

The quality varies

The fact is that the quality of fake Rolex watches varies a lot.

The worst fake Rolex watches are the easiest to spot, and these can often be seen from miles away. Often times, these watches are models that Rolex has never ever made. They often have misspellings, and overall just an extremely low quality similar to a watch that would cost a maximum of a hundred euros. In other words terrible finish and build quality.

For example, it can be a watch that is meant to replicate a Datejust model, but the printing on the dial says ”Day-Date”.

These watches are not really a huge problem in the world of watches. Of course, they are illegal as they are meant to replicate the real deal, but it does not take a lot of expertise or experience to know that they are fake.

But then, we have the more problematic fake Rolex watches. These tend to have a relatively high build finish and often have all the small details that real Rolex watches do. These are more problematic as it demands a more trained eye in order to identify them.

In order to spot these watches, you need to have experience and expertise or know what to look for. Fortunately, that’s exactly what you will learn in this article.

No matter how well-built these counterfeit Rolex watches are, there is no way for them to reach Rolex’s perfection standards, so there will always be tells.

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