These 16 Ways Your Body Type Can Indicate Health Problems

The nuances and specifics of your body type may seem insignificant; With people coming in so many different sizes and shapes, it’s easy to see why one would jump to this conclusion. Despite this common belief, a person’s body type is actually quite telling in regards to a person’s general health and well-being, and may indicate potential underlying issues! In reading this article you will gain a much better understanding of the variety of different body types out there and what they might mean for you.

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1. The Square Butt

A butt that is square shaped is a butt with fat that is fairly evenly distributed throughout. If you find yourself with a square-shaped butt, this could indicate that you either have weak glutes or you’ve got a little too much fat accumulation. In order to trim the fat you have around your butt and waist, consider adding some glute or core exercises to your fitness regiment.

2. The Inverted Butt

If your rear end is shaped like a “V”, commonly called the inverted butt shape, it may indicate you have lower than normal levels of estrogen. It’s quite common for your fat to be redistributed when estrogen levels fluctuate and decrease. If you look in the mirror and notice an inverted shaped butt, it may be a sign that you should start trying to rid yourself of some extra fat, which will also aid in improving your cardiovascular health.

A great way to solve both of these problems at once is to add some extra cardio exercise to your fitness routine.

3. The Round Butt

Considered a sign of general good health, a butt that is round indicates that your fat is evenly distributed.

4. The Heart-Shaped Butt

When fat gets distributed to a large degree around the upper thigh area, the buttocks commonly ends up looking pear or heart-shaped. This body shape may be a sign that the person has a little extra weight on them.

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