This DIY Banana Tea Is An Easy Solution To Your Sleeping Problems

If you have been struggling to sleep, banana tea could be the perfect solution. You can make this simple remedy in just a few minutes. Your kitchen probably has all of the ingredients, so you do not have to head to the store or buy anything to get started.

Once you start drinking banana tea, you will see how quickly it helps you sleep. This option is far better than resorting to sleeping pills. While sleeping pills make you feel terrible the next day, banana tea will leave you feeling great.

Often, people resort to sleeping pills like Ambien or melatonin supplements when they cannot sleep. This might help to fight insomnia, but the medication can cause other problems. Side effects of sleep medication include dizziness, fatigue, anxiety and nausea. Over time, you can end up developing a dependency or addiction to the medication.

Before you resort to sleeping pills, try out this simple recipe. Stick to organic bananas because chemicals and pesticides can latch onto the peel. For the best results, make sure to drink this tea within an hour of going to bed.

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