Top 10 Completely Natural Hair Dyes without Using Harsh Chemicals

There are also multiple chemicals in store bought hair dyes that aren’t at all good for your hair, especially after numerous uses which most dyes require for them to work properly. I have many friends who have been left with dry, brittle hair after using these chemicals, so I don’t fancy going down that route myself.

All of these reasons kick-started my research into natural hair dyes, ones that were both inexpensive and nondamaging to my hair. I was surprised to find that most of the suggested natural dyes were made of ingredients I already had in my cupboard.

Hair Friendly Natural DIY Hair Dyes


There are multiple ways in which you can use vinegar as a natural hair dye. You could mix it with lemon water to lighten your hair or do the complete opposite and combine it with soy sauce to darken it.

Vinegar is inexpensive, and the results it produces when used in your hair aren’t too drastic which is great if you only want a subtle change. Different types of vinegar can be used for various purposes; for example, white vinegar can be used for brightening whereas an apple cider vinegar will bring out auburn tones. It is also said to enhance your hair’s natural shine which I love as I am all about that glossy look.


Now I can enjoy a cup of tea while dyeing my hair with tea at the same time. As you would expect, different types of tea will make your hair go different colors, so make sure to research before deciding which is best for you.

The majority of teas will only die your hair temporarily. Because it is so inexpensive, you could repeatedly top up the color for a longer lasting effect. This method is all natural, and by using darker colored teas, especially if your hair is currently lighter, you can achieve some beautiful brown tones running through your hair.

Black Walnuts

I have seen a couple of different websites and forums suggesting black walnuts as a way of naturally dyeing your hair a dark brown. If you have these growing anywhere nearby, or even in your garden, it’s an incredibly cost-effective way of doing it. I love that the creator of this method has included before and after pictures of her hair, as it gives a real idea of what you’re letting yourself in for.

Like with the henna, you have to be extremely careful when using this dye as it will stain everything it comes into contact with. This doesn’t make it an impossible task, however, as you can do it outside and this particular example gives multiple different tips and suggestions as to how to best avoid any mess or staining.


Now that I think of it, coffee is an obvious choice to try out if you are hoping to make your hair that little bit more brown. When added to boiling water it can turn it almost black, so it makes sense that the color would transfer well onto hair.

Coffee is so inexpensive that you could top up your hair as often you wanted without having to worry about salon level prices. This recipe is said to enhance shine and shade, as well as potentially promoting hair growth. By merely adding coffee to your conditioner you can use this simple method to achieve silky brown locks

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