Top 10 Mind Blowing Health Facts According To Science

Scientists have calculated that 70% of deaths happen because of an unhealthy lifestyle. In order to be sick less often, one should be provided information about the latest innovations in medicine. Would you agree that knowing about the negative effects that your TV or smartphone can have on your health is extremely important?

We collected 10 scientific discoveries that anyone concerned about their health should know.

Even the slightest exposure to light during sleep might lead to depression.

10 Important Health Facts That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Japanese scientists from Nara Medical University have been watching the sleeping process of more than 860 elderly people that didn’t have any traces of depression at the beginning of the experiment. It turned out that those who didn’t sleep in absolute darkness started to get anxiety and stress.

Professor Kenji Obayashi suggested that even slight light can disrupt the work of internal biological clocks and negatively affect the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which is produced in darkness. This can affect the psyche negatively and cause depression.

The scientists suggest hanging black-out curtains in the bedroom and turning off all devices that have light indicators. Don’t forget about the blinking indicators on your smartphone — they should be switched off too.

Sleeping naked is more useful than sleeping in pyjamas.

10 Important Health Facts That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Specialists from the US National Sleep Foundation found out that sleeping naked is better than sleeping in pajamas or lingerie. Dr. Sarah Brewer came up with a set of reasons why sleeping naked is good for you.

  • First, our body itself sets the optimal temperature for a full sleep and clothing disrupts this mechanism causing the body to overheat. This is one factor that can contribute to insomnia.
  • Second, when feeling cool, our body begins to produce hormones that increase the regeneration of cells, and this gives our skin and hair a healthy appearance.
  • Third, sleeping without any clothing minimizes the risk of fungal infections in the intimate areas of both men and women.
  • Fourth, the absence of different strings, elastic bands, and other attributes of clothing on our body greatly benefits our blood circulation.
  • Finally, people who sleep naked have increased intimacy because when spouses rest together in bed naked, their skin comes into contact and this stimulates the production of the hormone oxytocin, which enhances sexual desire.
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