19 Amazing Dogs That Cost A Whole Fortune

Bearded Collie

19 majestic dogs that cost a whole fortune

This is one of the oldest breeds of Scottish dogs. A slim, well-built dog with a great character. They’re bright, fun-loving, adore kids, and can adapt to any conditions. A puppy will cost around $800 to $1,500.

Chow Chow

19 majestic dogs that cost a whole fortune

One of the oldest breeds of dog in the world, the Chow Chow belongs to the Spitz group of dogs. They are great as both a guard dog and a companion. They’re used for guard duties, hunting, and as draught dogs. They’re well known for their stubbornness and contrariness, which can only be overcome with a great amount of patience and specialist knowledge. If raised correctly, they can become gentle and kind dogs. The cost of a Chow Chow puppy is between $600 and $1,700.

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