Why You Drool When You Sleep and How You Can Stop It

Drooling is when there is excess saliva that comes out of a person’s mouth and we all do this every once in a while. But did you know that when this phenomenon occurs regularly and excessively, it can be a sign of a developing disease or some malfunction taking place in the body?

We decided to find out what the reasons are behind drooling and how we can decrease it or stop it from happening.

Why do we drool?

Why You Drool When You Sleep and How You Can Stop It

When we sleep our facial muscles, as well as our swallowing reflexes, are totally relaxed. Since saliva gets accumulated in the mouth while we sleep, it can slowly start dripping because the relaxed facial muscles may lead to a slightly open mouth. Therefore, we end up having a wet pillow that’s not very comfortable to sleep on.

Excess drooling or hypersalivation can be a sign of a neurological disease or the result of nasal congestion. Also, people who already had issues with health, like a stroke, tend to drool more often and more excessively.

How to reduce or stop drooling?

1. Clear your sinuses.

Why You Drool When You Sleep and How You Can Stop It

One of the main reasons for drooling is a blocked nose, which makes a person breathe through their mouth and may lead to drooling. Cleaning and unblocking nasal sinuses could be a good way out of having a wet pillow every night. Here are some ways that can help unclog your sinuses:

  • a hot shower will clear the nose and allow normal breathing at night;
  • essential oils, especially ones containing eucalyptus, will help you breathe more freely and also help you get better sleep;
  • using products that help clear sinuses like Vick’s Vaporub will unclog the nose and allow for better airflow.

Also, make sure you treat any nasal infection once it appears. Otherwise, you may end up getting various complications such as an eternally clogged nose, for example

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